Property Manager / Concierge

Our Property Manager  & Concierge Steve Nicholson adds invaluable knowledge and helps to maintain the immaculate upkeep of No. 1 Dock Street.  Just give Steve a call if you have a problem and he’ll be more than happy to either assist you or point you in the right direction.

Steve generally works between 07:30 - 16:30 Monday - Friday.

Steve can be contacted on t. 07983 438584 during his normal working hours or by e.mail

Concierge cover on Saturday monings is povided by Eithne Meade t. 07885 682688.

Management Company

The Directors, Alison Blenkinsopp, Ai Lyn Tan and Charles Watkinson take overall responsibility for No.1 Dock Street.  Regular meetings with our agent, Action Property Management take place to discuss both management issues and community events.

The Directors seek No. 1. Dock Street to be the best development in Leeds.

Social events are advertised around the site and on Facebook.  To find us on Facebook just search '1 Dock Street, Leeds'.

Our managing agent, Action Property Management are responsible for the day to day management of No. 1. Dock Street. Details for Action Property Management along with details of what to do in an emergency can be found at the following link

Budgets and Accounts

Action Property Management manage the budget on behalf of Dock Street Management Company.  For leaseholders wishing to access budget, account and AGM meeting information please visit and register on myApartment


All residents and leaseholders are invited to take an active interest in the management of No. 1. Dock Street.  Regular meetings were suspended bacuase of poor attendance.  Should you have any issues you wish to discuss with the Directors of the Management Company please contact

Community Events

Regular BBQ and Community events take place throughout the year and are advertised throughout the development.

Freehold Company

The Freehold for No.1 Dock Street is co-owned between a number of apartment owners.  Elliot Rodgers is the Director of Dock Street Freehold. The purchase of the Freehold has provided long term security for the development.  If you would like to learn more about the No. 1. Dock Street Freehold please contact