The Leeds waterfront has seen many changes over the years, from the industrial revolution to today’s modern, contemporary shops, bars and bridges. The area still keeps many characteristics of its past making it both a fantastic and interesting place to live.

No.1 Dock Street began its life as a commercial entity in the 1800’s when Leeds Bridge was at the heart of the industrial revolution and the canal network provided the catalyst for the city’s growth. In 1888 Louis le Prince made the world’s first ever motion picture on Leeds Bridge fromwhat is now a luxury apartment. The conversion was home to the Old British Waterways offices, whilst the land where the new build building sits belonged to a warehouse.

Things have come a long way since then. The growth of city centre living in the late 1980’s enabled the Leeds riverside to come to life yet again for residential use. It was Wilson Connoly (now Taylor Wmpey) who bought the ‘old build’ for residential development and enlisted well-respected architects Carey Jones Architects to design the ‘new build’ block in sympathy with the waterfront.

The new building was awarded the City of Leeds Award in 2000.